Tax Planning

Planning for taxes wisely can save you a lot of stress. We assess your situation and provide sound strategies for optomising your tax position.

We provide you with the technical expertise required to ensure that any opportunities to reduce taxes are not overlooked. We can help you minimise family income taxes by utilising tax rules to the full advantage. In addition, we consider appropriate strategies for your position.

Personal Taxation

Our first step is to develop an overall financial plan which shows projected income, expenses, taxes and asset growth for the rest of your life. From there we can identify a few opportunities and strategies to help you meet your goals while paying the least amount of tax.

Corporate Taxation

The directors of Southern Cross Financial have decades of tax experience. Our advise is readily available in relation to corporate and trustee taxation. Strategic taxation planning in focusing around superannuation help forms an integral component of corporate taxation.

Family Trust Taxation

Also known as a discretionary trust, a family trust is set up to benefit the members of a family or group. It offers a way to share a tax burden among family members and also protect family assets. It is usually a trust that allows for income or capital can be distributed to beneficiaries.

Many people start to think about family trusts in their forties and fifties - they can be set up while the settlor is alive, and instructions left in the Will as to how assets are divided or benefits allocated. However, it may be prudent to establish a family trust earlier than this in some cases: to reduce the tax one person may pay by sharing the income with other family members in a lower tax bracket.