Super Funds

With your own SMSF or 'D-I-Y super fund', you get to decide what you invest in and when your benefits are paid, as long as you comply with superannuation law. SMSF's perform the same role as other super funds, by investing contributions and rollovers and making them available to members on retirement. The key difference is that the members of self managed funds are also the trustees and therefore control how funds are invested and the payment of their benefits.

Working together for your future

Self Managed Super Funds are ever increasing as clients wish to take more control,there are nearly half a million funds in Australia today.

Your super can grow to be a significant asset over your working life. With the benefit of regular savings from your employer as well as your own investments, it is important to make the most of this investment vehicle.

There are many reasons to choose a SMSF. The most obvious is flexibility and control over your investments. But there are also many other benefits that cannot be achieved with standard retail super funds. Strategies can be employed to ensure that your Fund is a multi-generational fund, passing from generation to generation. Tax benefits can be obtained through smart financial strategies.

Self Managed Super Funds are a specialised area of advice. Southern Cross Financial works with SMSF clients with a partnership approach.  We partner with you as the Trustee and as the member. We also partner with your other professional consultants, your accountants and solicitors.