Personal Insurances

Helping to protect what you can't afford to lose

Life insurance, Total & Permanent Disability, Critical Illness and Income protection can mean the difference between a financially secure future and a lifetime of economic uncertainty. Do you really want to eat into your retirement savings for short term disability, with the outcome of a retirement lump sum not meeting your retirement income needs.

Life, TPD and Critical Illness

No one likes to think about needing life insurance. But including insurance in your financial plan now, can financially benefit you and your family in the future.

We offer a range of individual life insurance solutions. So you can protect your family's quality of life no matter what the future brings and save your loved ones the stress of financial worries during an already stressful time.

Income Protection

How would you meet everyday expenses, including the mortgage or school fees if you suffered an accident or illness? The ability to replace your income in these times provides stress relief allowing you to focus on getting better.