We are dedicated to our clients' wealth management.

In today's fast-paced environment we are faced with more personal options and more complex tax legislation. At Southern Cross Financial, our goal is to provide the best financial solutions for our client's personal and financial well-being. As a result we feel that the ability to give clients a choice of products and services, while maintaining objectivity and impartiality is the key to success.

Dedicated to your financial journey

As a progressive financial advisory firm our goal is to create well-designed financial plans prepared by knowledgeable, professional and skilled people who understand our clients' needs.

Trusted Knowledge & Experience

Whether it's evaluating risk, maximising your retirement savings, assist in planning your estate or tax planing, Southern Cross Financial has the knowledge and experience to help you steer your financial journey.

Industry Leading Approach

Southern Cross Financial offers a wide range of services with the freedom to choose from a vast selection of approaches, strategies, customised to your changing needs.